After doing a great deal of research into the market and Real Estate Agents, we chose David Hibbins and we where not disappointed in our choice.

David took the time to explain the market and our options before even signing up with him. He was happy to give his time and to answer all our questions.

Once we had signed up with David, he regularly discussed feedback he had received about the property through open homes and presented this information in writing as well.

At the time he had to deliver information we did not want to hear, such as viewers opinions and price expectations. This was always done in an understanding and professional manner.

Come Auction day we had been well briefed by David and the auctioneer. We felt confident that we had the right people for the job.

After being passed in at auction we felt a little deflated but David reassured us a deal was still there to be done. He left to talk to the highest bidders and returned within an hour with an offer well in excess of the final bid at auction.

David’s whole team is to be commended including his assistant whose coordination of advertising and general liaison was top notch. David made our home look amazing and was always positive and helpful.

David Hibbins is a professional real estate agent that works alongside a vendor to achieve the best possible price with the least amount of stress. We have no hesitation in recommending David.

Jo Spivey & Anthony Jones